Goods inspection services

 Issuance of inspection certificates and approval of compliance (COI) ·

 Issuance of quality, capacity and price proforma certification (PVO)

Pre-shipment inspection and issuance of inspection certificate (PSI) ·

  Bank inspections and certification (IC) ·

Ability to inspect the goods at the place requested by the buyer or sellers of the goods

 Inspection at the destination (INSPECTION UNLOADING) ·

  Approving the certificate of loading, transportation, unloading and checking the documents of goods arrival at the ports

 Inspections related to ships (inspection of quantity of weight or volume, including draft survey, ullage survey, etc.)

 Sampling and monitoring Laboratory services ·

Certificate of conformity of goods and services ·

 Technical inspection of factories and workshops producing food and agriculture

 Inspection of mineral products in terms of quality and quantity

It has 11 active branches inside the country and 8 registered branches in India, Holland, Brazil, Turkey,

Uganda, Thailand, South Korea and Italy.


 * Oil, gas, petrochemical and welding inspection services

 Inspecting and supervising the construction of gas, oil, petrochemical and power stations

Inspection of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment such as rotating machines (turbine, pump, compressor, etc.), electric motor, drilling drills, all kinds of valves and pipes, etc.

 Inspection and testing of tools

Inspection of domestic and foreign parts and monitoring of imports

 Inspection of exported and imported petroleum products

During construction and periodic inspection of pressure and storage tanks, steam boilers, hot water based on national standards ISIRI 4231 and ISIRI 7911

 During construction and periodic inspection of pipelines, scrubbers, cranes, etc., based on international standards ASME B30.3, ASME B30.2, ASME B30.5, ANSIB56.1

Weld inspection and non-destructive tests on all metal equipment based on ASME secV-VIII-IX international standards


* Car and motorcycle inspection services

Physical inspection of imported vehicles and certification

Approval of the type and conformity of the production of imported and domestic cars based on 85 and 6924 standards and issuing TA and COP certificates

 Approval of the type and conformity of the production of imported and domestic motorcycles based on the national standard 7558 and the issuance of TA and COP certificates

* CNG inspection services

 Periodic inspection of tanks and gas vehicles in technical examination centers and hydrotest test centers based on national standards 9747, 9426

 Approval of the type of gas-burning cars and parts based on the national standard 7598

 Initial and periodic inspection of compressed natural gas (CNG) supply stations based on national

standards 12054, 6792, 1-7829 and 2-7829

* Lift and lift inspection services

Price confirmation

 End of work and periodical inspection of electric elevators based on national standard 6303 and safety certification ·

Periodic inspection Safety of all types of cranes and forklifts

 Supervision and safety inspection of the assembly and construction of lifting structures – cranes and forklifts

Periodic inspection, safety of other lifting structures

* Energy and engine room inspection services

Technical examination of engine houses in terms of safety, energy consumption performance, environmental pollution with the aim of optimizing fuel consumption based on the national standard 16000 and issuing a technical examination certificate

 Calculation and presentation of energy consumption criteria for residential and non-residential buildings based on standards 14253 and 14254 ·

Computation and presentation Energy consumption criteria for dairy, compote and canning, concentrate and juice industries based on national standards 11956, 16747 and 16748 ·

 Calculation and presentation of the energy consumption standard grade for the poultry unit based on the national standard 19582

* Education services

 Holding specialized and general training courses in the fields of:

 – Electricity and electronics

 – Vehicle and propulsion

– microbiology

 – Quality management systems (17020, 9001, 17025, 14000, 18000, IMS and…)

– Standardization

 – Inspection and sampling of goods


* Some executive records and projects of the company

Inspecting, sampling and issuing health certificates for shipments of corn, flour, soybeans, and barley from the Livestock Affairs Support Company in Brazil, India, and Ukraine ·

  Inspection and sampling and issuance of health certificate of imported wheat of Zar macaroon company

 Supervising the slaughtering and issuing health certificates of imported meat and poultry of Noor Abrar, Stratos (affiliated to Eghtesad Novin Bank) and… in the countries of Brazil, India, Russia, Turkey, Mongolia, Romania ·

Inspection and sampling and issuance of certificate the health of rice imported from India and Pakistan for the companies Mohsin, Tabiat, Tubi and…. ·

Inspection and sampling and issuance of health certificate of imported butter from New Zealand for companies of the Mihan and kaleh ·

 Inspection and sampling and issuance of health certificate of fish shipments imported from India and Malaysia for protein companies ·

Inspection and sampling and issuance of health certificate of gelatin shipments imported from Malaysia and Indonesia for Isatis company


*Oil, gas and petrochemical

Inspection and supervision of the construction of turbine parts and Repairs and renovation of gas turbines of Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company in Middle East Turbine Machine Company

 Inspecting and supervising the construction of the Siemens K1100 gas turbine of the Petrochemical Development Company (SPEC) in the Middle East Turbine Machine Company

Inspecting and supervising the construction of the Ruston TB-4000 gas turbine ordered by the oil-rich regions of the South in the Middle East Turbine Machine Company

 Inspection of turbine items ordered by Nikan turbine manufacturers

 Inspecting and supervising the repair and construction of steam turbine rotors of Turbo Compressor Asia

Inspection during the construction of a 76 MW gas turbine rotor ordered by Abniroo in the Middle East Turbine Machine Company.

 Supervising the construction of quantitative and qualitative measuring stations for exhaust gases of refineries in the first, second, third and fifth phases of South Pars

Inspecting and supervising the construction, transportation and installation of oil tank lenses in the Persian Gulf Star Oil Refinery in South Korea.

 Performing technical inspection services of the site, device and goods in the field of rotary machines (gas turbine, steam turbine, compressor and pump) of Arkan Iranian Turbine Project Management Company Iranians (Mapna)

 Inspection of valves and pipes used in the oil and gas industry

Supervising the construction of Ball Valve size “18x”14 of Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company in Spain

Supervising the construction of Ball Valves of various sizes for the Line and Refining Company related to the Khatam Al Anbia camp project in VASTAS, Turkey

 Inspector of parts inside and outside the country and supervising the import, construction of pipes and equipment for the 46 km gas transmission project (Gol Gohar Sirjan Company)

 Inspection and supervision of the construction of gas station metering equipment of Jahan Foulad Company, related to the projectGol Gohar Sirjan (Gohar Energy Company Sirjan)

 Inspection of the construction of TBS and Metering Gas Station of Gol Gohar Steel Factory, related to Gol Gohar Sirjan project (Gahar Energy Sirjan Company)

 Inspection of the construction of the CGS gas station and metering of the 500 MW Gol Gohar power plant, related to the Gol Gohar Sirjan project (Gahar Energy Sirjan Company)

 Inspection of the construction of the TBS gas station and metering of the Gol Gohar pellet factory, related to the Gol Gohar Sirjan project (Gahar Energy Sirjan Company)

 Inspection of construction of gas station TBS and Metering of Gohar Zemin Company, related to Gol Gohar Sirjan project (Gahar Energy Sirjan Company)

 Inspection of the construction of TBS gas station and Iranian factory metering, related to Gol Gohar Sirjan project (Gahar Energy Sirjan Company)

Inspecting and supervising the construction of polyethylene pipes in Parsian Gas Refinery

 Inspection during the construction of mechanical and electrical equipment and precision instruments of the gas export Metering station to Iraq related to the Khatam al-Anbia base project.

 Inspecting and monitoring the coating of “10 gas transmission pipes in South Khorasan with a length of 90 km

Inspection and approval of goods used in 3 CGS stations of East Azerbaijan

Supervising the production of polyethylene pipes and fittings in the plastic expansion company related to the water supply project of Gol Gohar Sirjan

 Supervising the production of polyethylene pipes and fittings in the Caspian Pipe Company of Tabaristan, which is related to the Parsian Gas Refining Company.

Inspection of welding and inspection during the construction of tanks and boilers of many manufacturing companies and factories.

 Inspection of types of lifts related to the technical projects of South Pars complex, phases 22, 23 and 24

Technical inspection services of tanks located in Bushehr port terminal

Test operation of lifting tools in Parsian gas refinery (employer:Oil Industries Launching and Operating Company (OICO)

Testing operations of loading and lifting aids in the B.O.O. Gas Power Plant Aalooeh (Employer: Mapna Operation and Maintenance Company)

 Inspection operations of gas turbine parts belonging to Iran Oil Field Supply-Kish (IOSKI)

 Domestic and foreign goods

Auto parts inspection cooperation agreement with Sapco, Cruse, Ramak Khodro, Bahman Khodro and….

Issuance of about 2000 COI and IC certificates for banks and customs (inspection at origin and destination)

Cooperation agreement with Kale, Pak, Mihan companies ·

Inquiry and price confirmation of more than 30 items per year

* Elevator

Carrying out final inspections of more than 4500 passenger elevators referred by the National Standards Organization in the provinces of Tehran, Qom, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Hormozgan, Alborz, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.Khorasan and…

 Inspection and certification in the projects of the Administrative Court of Justice, Allameh Tabatabai University, Imam Hossein University, Shahid Beheshti University, Program and Budget Organization, Spinas International Hotel

 Inspection and certification for more than 200 elevators in Mehr Pardis housing project

 Periodic inspection of more than 1500 passenger elevators

Inspection of more than 1200 elevators in Tabriz

Inspection of more than 500 elevators in Qom province

 Inspection of more than 400 elevators in Neishabur

 Inspection of more than 500 elevatorsin Alborz province

*Cars and motorcycles ·

 Physical inspection of more than 15,000 imported vehicles and issuance of physical

 inspection certificates Cooperation agreement with Renault Pars, Atlas Khodor, Jaliran Khodro, Asan Motor, Mega Motor, Sarir, etc. for car inspections and car parts

 Inspection of production conformity of more than 20 motorcycle models and issuance of COP certificate

Type approval of more than 30 domestically produced motorcycle models and issuance of T.A. certificate

 Cooperation agreement with the companies of Speed ​​Cycle Kathir, Dino Motor, Yektaz Cycle kavir, kavir Motor Eurasia. Toan Moharek East, Jahan Hamta for TA and COP inspections

*Energy consumption standard

 Inspection, calculation and determination of energy consumption criteria for more than 70 industrial units in different provinces of Iran, some of which are:

5 production units in West Azerbaijan Province: Saroneh Company, Pakdis Company, Tatao Company and… ·

   6 production units in Alborz province: Marian Cultivation and Industry, Pars Shahriar Mushroom Cultivation and Industry, Jam Zarin Firouz and… ·

    9 production units in Tehran province: Barna Laban Company, Pak Ice Cream Company, Aria Spano Dairy Company.The packaging of Iran Khoram dairy products and…

 3 production units in Zanjan province: Paya Cannery, Pegah Zanjan, Aftab Decana Farm ·

   2 production units in Fars province: Kam Avran Shahr Sabz Kazeroon Company, Setareh Javid Pasargad-Samad Javid Company

 3 production units in Qazvin province: Benis Rusta, Alborz Beta Shir dairy products, Sahar protein and dairy products ·

  2 production units in Kerman province: Meske Isargaran Food Industries Cooperative, Hamon Kisht and Sanat Co.

 4 production units in Golestan province: Alia Golestan Food Industry Company,Golestan Conversion Industries Co. and… ·

   4 production units in Gilan province: Sibon Food Industries, Zeitoun Govara Sepidroud, Khazar Production and… ·

  9 production units in Mazandaran province: Mahd Kala Company, Amol Morabapazan, Cochin Food Production Company, Golden Mill Company and… ·

   6 production units in the central province: Calber dairy products, Noor Jam chips food products (new name) and… ·

  2 production units in Hamadan province: Aria Ideal, Sahar Food Industries


 Signing a cooperation agreement with more than 100 government bodies for inspection and technical examination of engine houses, some of which are:

31 social security treatment centers of Tehran province

 Hazrat Masoumeh Hospital, Kermanshah Province

 Imam Khomeini (RA) Firouzkoh Hospital

 Iran Central Regions Oil Company

 Department of Public Libraries of Fars Province

 Alborz Province School Renovation

 Organization Qazvin Province General Medical

 Examiner’s Office General Administration of Standards of Central Province, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and West Azarbaijan, Isfahan

 Export Development BankBranch 1317, Hamedan

 Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, District 2, Karaj

Center for intellectual development of children and adolescents in Tehran province

39 public libraries of Tehran province

 Electricity transmission affairs of West Azarbaijan province

 Branches of the General Administration of Social Security in East Tehran (17 branches)


* CNG inspection

 Periodic inspection and technical examination of more than 10,000 light gas cars and issuance of technical examination confirmation in SIMFA system

 Supervision of technical inspection centers for gas-powered light vehicles in the provinces of Qom, East Azarbaijan, and Tehran, including: intermediate technical inspection centers,Mianeh no.6 Tabriz, Esko, Quds (Qom), Jamkran, Golestan (Tehran) and….

Periodic inspection and hydrostatic test of about 30,000 tanks installed on gas vehicles and issuance of approval labels

Supervising hydrostatic test centers in Qom, Kerman, East Azarbaijan provinces including: Fan Raimon Steel (Tabriz), Ayman Balan (Kerman), Aria Azmoun Pasargad (Qom)

Cooperation contract with Kavosh company for inspection of final product and during production of CNG tanks and issuance of certificate

 Inspection of more than 120 compressed natural gas supply points in the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Khuzestan,West Azarbaijan, Fars, Qazvin, etc. referred by the National Standard Organization

*  Education

 Holding a product sampling training course

Holding a training course on product inspection (introductory and advanced)

Conducting a training course on cereal standards and sampling methods

 Conducting a training course on engine room technical inspection based on standard 16000 in the Qom Engineering System Organization and the General Directorate of Standards of West Azarbaijan Province.