Roshak Paya Control International Goods Inspection Company was established in 2008 by the merging of two Iranian companies and The Netherlands Ixon Co. and regarding to the records and performance of the said companies, succeeded to obtain the International Inspection License for importing and exporting goods and devices from Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran and Central Bank of Iran and also obtained the Goods Inspection License according to ISO 17020 Standards.

Presently, this company is able to offer the inspection and laboratory services in 22 provinces in Iran and in 32 countries throughout the world. As well, this company has technical and operational powerful teams in different fields and majors.

The most important worldwide activities of company are:

  1. Food and agriculture services;
  2. Technical inspections of factories and workshops and industrial projects;
  3. Oil and gas and petrochemical inspections and their equipment;
  4. Mine services (quality and quantity inspection of mine products);
  5. Inspections related to the ships including draft survey, alleged survey, ,,,;
  6. Certificate over the guarantee of world goods price;
  7. Certificate of conformity for goods or services;
  8. Commercial consultancy in order to guarantee and optimization of international commerce;
  9. Inspection for the approval of type of vehicle;
  10. Inspection for the approval of type of motorcycle;
  11. Inspection of gas burner vehicles and their parts;
  12. CNG inspection (stations and vehicles);
  13. Inspection for the approval of the rate of energy consumption in industries and…;
  14. Elevator inspection;
  15. Lift and crane inspections;
  16. Inspection of welding and reservoirs and steam boilers and agriculture machineries.

This company is in the list of group A companies of technical inspectors of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company and Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Co. and has concluded contracts with Engineering and Petrochemical Manufacturing Co. (Spec), Turbine Inspection and Tehran Refinery to inspect the rotor turbine and has been selected for supervision on manufacturing, installation and setup (from the 0 to 100) of Sirjan power station and has completed the gas transfer lines projects for transfer of gas from Sirjan to Golgohar complex (Gohar Energy Co.) at the length of 110 kilometers. As well, it had contract with Sanat Khat va Palayesh Co. for inspection of measuring stations exporting gas to Iraq and has contract with Sahand Sazeh Co. for inspection of purchased goods and supervision on manufacturing of equipment of qualified and quantified measurement of exit gases from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th South Pars refineries and is now doing the duties. And, it had contract with Mehr Parsian gas refinery in the field of inspection of polyethylene water pipes and contract with Sirjan Gohar Energy Co. in the field of polyethylene

water transfer pipes to Gol Gohar mine. Also, it has signed contract with Iran Animal Farmers Union to inspect the manufacturing and installation of 500 powdered milk producing devices and contract with Kish Consular United Co. for the manufacturing of 500 MW power station using garbage fuel in Jouybar and it has contracts with Southern Khorasan Province Gas Co. and Eastern Azarbaijan Gas Co. for gas pipe. As well, it is active in the field of inspection of foreign and domestic purchases which may point to the purchase of pipe and fixtures, industrial valves and pumps for Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Co., lenses of reservoirs for Persian Gulf Setareh Refinery, pumps of oil terminals of Khark island, pumps of Dizelsaz Co., turbines of Turbine Machine Co., equipment of Mehr Makou Cement Factory, equipment of Iran Gas Co., etc. and also this company had a contract with Oushin Energy Oil Co. in the field of inspection of exporting and transit oil products for the export and transit of oil products from Iraq and Azerbaijan and from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to Afghanistan and also controls and inspects the export and transit of oil products from Southern Khorasan and Isfahan Provinces to Afghanistan. Also, in the field of inspection of importing and exporting goods including agricultural, food, chemical and vehicle and electrical and electronic parts had and has cooperation with valid Iranian companies which may point to State Animal Affairs Logistic Co., Iran Governmental Commercial Co., Kaleh Co., Mihan Co., Kermanshah Mahidasht Co., Iran Oil Co., Behran Co., Sadid Co., Mega Motor Co., Iran Khodro Co., Tam Iran Khodro Co. and Cruise Co., Asan Motor Co., Atlas Motor Co., Jiliran Co. and Persian Gulf Setareh Refinery.

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