Oil and gas and petrochemical and welding inspection

  • Inspecting and supervising the construction of gas, oil, petrochemical and power stations
  • Inspection of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment such as rotating machines (turbine, pump, compressor, etc.), electric motor, drilling drills, all kinds of valves and pipes, etc.
  • Inspection and testing of tools
  • Inspection of domestic and foreign parts and monitoring of imports
  • Inspection of exported and imported petroleum products
  • During construction and periodic inspection of pressure and storage tanks, steam boilers, hot water based on national standards ISIRI 4231 and ISIRI 7911
  • During construction and periodic inspection of pipelines, scrubbers, cranes, etc., based on international standards ASME B30.3, ASME B30.2, ASME B30.5, ANSIB56.1
  • Weld inspection and non-destructive tests on all metal equipment based on ASME secV-VIII-IX international standards